life at the orphanage

"Learn from yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow." – Albert Einstein


To begin with, these children obviously have no mother or father.  Consider for a moment what is lacking in life without these two figures.  Nonetheless, the children’s home is a place where they do find love, comfort, and acceptance.  The day begins at daylight, as there is often no power here.  They have some routines to include hygiene and housekeeping tasks.  They begin each day with a Bible study and then move on to preparing the first of their two meals for the day.  Breakfast is simply rice.  As the children get older, they assume more responsibility within the home and cooking is one of those responsibilities.  As the day progresses, they try to occupy their time with simple games and sometimes sports.  Occasionally there are missionaries that come and spend time teaching music and art along with some other things.  When the funds are available to pay teachers, they all attend school during the day.  However, this has been a hurdle to overcome as sufficient funds to pay the 9 primary school teachers has been difficult to come by.  In the afternoon the children begin preparing the evening meal, which includes beans.  They tend to their rooms and possibly do some laundry and get ready for bed as the sun goes down.  The next day will be much of the same.  There is a lot of redundancy in day-to-day life here at the children’s home, however, the children are happy and look forward to any new opportunity.  Please consider donating to better the lives of these children.